The history of fragrances

Perfume was an expensive luxury item created in Egypt for the elite and for export. Just as today, ancient perfumes were created and marketed in luxurious containers. Read about history of fragrance and perfume.

History of perfume

Throughout the ancient world, Egypt's climate was the most suitable for the manufacture of fragrances and perfumes. The Egyptians were credited as the first to discover the potential of fragrance and were considered masters in using essential oils. Soon enough, the use of perfume soon spread to Greece, Rome, and the Islamic world.

Classic perfume

Classic perfumes are elite women’s fragrances that have eternal appeal. Most of people think it is safe to buy classic perfume when in doubt. Read about Chanel No. 5 and other classic perfumes.

Guerlain perfume history - video

This short video shows the history of the famous perfume house of Guerlain.

Hungary Water

Who was inventor of the first modern day perfume? For what purpose was made Hungary Water? Read about creation of the first alcohol based perfume.